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You want a headshot that looks like you at your absolute best!

How do you achieve this? 

Find a headshot photographer in Glasgow, Ayrshire or Central Scotland who helps you feel relaxed and comfortable.

You need great headshots

You're in Ayrshire or Glasgow or travelling to Ayrshire or Glasgow and want a great headshots photographer who'll help you feel at ease.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for actors headshots, headshots for a book cover or a press release, as a musician or a company director, to ensure you feel at ease, our entire photoshoot is about us working together to ensure that you get the headshots you want and need.

I'm a professional and started my business doing commercial and actors portraits in 2018 from my Glasgow studio in The Hidden Lane, Finnieston. My photography studio is now in Girvan with access to pubic transport and plenty a car park just a few meters away. It's also ideal if you want outdoor headshots (or portraits) with scenic backgrounds - there's a beach, the iconic Ailsa Craig brickwork, period buildings and harbour within walking distance. If you'd rather headshots in Glasgow, I can meet you in an indoor or outdoor location of your choice.

I dislike having my own photos taken and so I've a real knack for making people at ease and more comfortable which always results in natural, more true to life pictures - just what you need for the perfect headshot!

You want to feel relaxed

And you want to trust that you're in good hands.

For this, you need a warm, friendly and professional headshot photographer. You don't want to feel you're being rushed or just another person on a churning conveyor belt.


I would never try to get the perfect shot in 10 minutes - what's more important to me is ensuring that you feel comfortable and can get the headshots that really do look like you on your best day. 

Yes, I'm offering paid photography services, but that doesn't mean I simply want to make money; I want you to leave our session knowing you've got the best possible portrait of you - whether that's a business, corporate, LinkedIn or actors headshots. I take my time working out how you're most comfortable, what lighting is best for you, and finding the things that make you laugh - or at least giggle - and use these to tweak your movements, expressions and poses.

You may spend a little longer with me but for each hour (it doesn't usually take more than one!) I can guarantee that we'll have a whole load of fantastic, natural shots that really do look like you.

You want to feel you're being listened to, so you get the headshot you need

During your shoot, you'll get to see the pictures as we go.


I love clients the pictures as we work and it's vital that you see how you look, how you're moving and exactly how you look in each shot. Between each set, we'll chat about what works, what doesn't and constantly come back to what you're looking for in your photographs. 

Being relaxed is everything to getting the best out of you and part of that requires you to feel comfortable with me - I won't be offended if you want to suggest or change something. I know photography and how to get the most out of the camera, lighting and equipment set up but you know how to get the best out you and that's what counts! I'll suggest things, you might love them, you might hate them, but each suggestion will form a chat between us, huddled over the camera, bringing us closer to a whole portfolio of superb shots.

It's one of the reasons I love the way I work, especially for corporate or actors headshots in Glasgow or Ayrshire - there are no time constraints and I allocated 2 hours to each sessions. so we can do whatever we need to help you nail your professional photography session.