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Brand Photographer and Headshots, Glasgow


Brand photography empowers you to unveil your worth and display your brand values and messages with enticing and eye-catching photographs.

Let me help you look and feel good in your business photographs, flaunt who you are and what you do by oozing professionalism, attracting paying  clients and unveiling your entrepreneurial spirit. 


It’s important to stand out from the crowd and prove that you are the best fit for your ideal client. 

You’re competing against hundreds of millions of carefully devised content and photography, all with the same aim: to make you click that particular piece and follow through. 


But your ideal client, like the peahen, is picky. It doesn’t matter how long the peacock fans and rattles his feathers, if he doesn’t catch her attention, it's only natural that she moves on. Something else will.

The peacock wants to find his mate; you want to find your ideal client. You need to survive, so it’s time to flaunt.

Sadie B Copy-11.jpg

“Victoria was great at giving tips and directions to help me make the poses and expressions I wanted. I knew WHAT I wanted to do, but didn’t always know HOW to do it! We had a lot of fun trying different things out and seeing what worked for me.”

Sarah, Sadie B Copy

Why Brand Photography?

Brand photography is huge right now, everyone seems to be having bespoke, professional photoshoots and sharing the tremendous results on social media.

And there’s a reason: it works.

Here are the statistics you need to know:


Over 70% of consumers now avoid advertising but if they trust you, 76% will pay attention to you

of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like


66% of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand


Companies estimate increased revenue of over 33% when branding is consistent


77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do


79% of people say that user generated content highly impacts their purchasing 


When choosing a brand photographer, remember:

Peacocks strut their stuff for a reason: they want to populate, they want their species to survive; begging for attention is completely sincere. They are authentic in their quest to attract attention and so should you be. There is no point in flaunting yourself as something you’re not, instead be natural, be authentic.

So, you need an experienced photographer who'll tease out the real you within minutes, have you laughing and having fun from the beginning until the very end of your shoot.

Your mission is to attract your ideal clients, not someone else’s. By unveiling yourself as you really are, your business will flourish. You will endorse your survival. 


Brand Photography is when you bring together all the components of your business and showcase who you are and how you work.

If you're posting regularly on social media or trying to fit in the recommend 90 minutes of marketing a day, I bet you already have photographs; but, are they ones which showcase you and what you do, do you have professional headshots of you and your team (if you have one), do they show your lifestyle, your hobbies, your dreams?

What’s missing is the story of your everyday life, of your everyday processes.

From very early in the morning until very late at night, you and your team are rushed off your feet, working constantly to serve your clients and make sure what you're delivering is perfect. But how much of this hard work is seen by anyone? A business day is busy and you should be flaunting the effort you put in, showing everyone how much work you and your team are prepared to put in to ensure that what you deliver is of the highest quality.

A premium brand photography experience with a brilliant brand photographer will enable you to showcase all you do before, after and during your journey with your client, giving potential customers an insight to who you are and how you work. 

Start building a relationship with your potential clients before they’ve even stepped through the door and then woo them with your imagery.

Can you imagine sitting down with a client, eager and excited to find out more about you and presenting them with a visual of story how you’ll deliver for them? Can you imagine a whole marketing strategy based around the full  service that you offer, not just the end point that people see? 

Looking for corporate or actors headshots, Glasgow?

You want a great headshots  photographer who'll help you feel at ease.

If you're searching for headshots, I'd love to help! I'm an experienced and friendly headshot photographer.

Get your corporate or actors headshots, Glasgow now!


You can book online with just 24 hours notice and the preview of your photos will be with you within 48 hours. 

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Hello 👋🏻

I'm Victoria. 

I change my hair very frequently, so please don't be surprised if I turn up and my hair is literally the opposite of my own headshots and branding photographs - I change it so often that even I struggle to keep up with the changes!

I'm a huge fan of 90's music (James and The Charlatans are the top of my list and pratically the only bands still on my list!) It's why I subscribe to Apple Music 🙊 I wouldn't say I'm a groupie but I have danced onstage (in The Royal Albert Halls, London) with James!💃🕺 

I have the best dog in the world and in the family hierarchy, she's ahead of my teenage daughter 🤣

I'm a total introvert and I love spending time alone - I never get bored in my own company - but every so often there's nothing better than a good chat over a fried Scottish breakfast, some tea and cakes. And that's why brand shoots with me are totally different - we build in breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea! 😋

It doesn't matter if you're looking for business photography, business portraits, actors headshots, headshots for a book cover or a press release, as a musician or a company director, to ensure you feel at ease, our entire photoshoot is about us working together to ensure that you get the headshots and photography you want and need.

I'm a professional and started my business doing commercial and actors portraits in 2018 from my Glasgow studio in The Hidden Lane, Finnieston. The location is perfect, tucked away in a quirky lane but with great access to pubic transport and plenty of on-sreet parking.  It's also ideal if you want outdoor headshots with brickwork, cobblestones, bright colours and walking distance to both the iconic Kelvingrove Park and the River Clyde waterfront. If you want headshots Glasgow, I'm here.

I dislike having my own photos taken and so I've a real knack for making people at ease and more comfortable which always results in natural, more true to life pictures - just what you need for the perfect photographs!

I'd love to chat to about your business in Scotland, your future plans and what you want out of your brand photography and answer any questions you have - so: