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Brand photography empowers you to unveil your worth and display your brand values and messages with enticing and eye-catching photographs.

Let me help you authentically flaunt so that you can find your ideal client and grab the attention you need to flourish in your marketplace. 


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Procreation is pretty vital within the animal kingdom and with substantial competition, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and prove that you - above all - are the best fit.



Today’s online world is identical. You’re competing against hundreds of millions of carefully devised content, all with the same aim: to make you click that particular piece and follow through. 


But your ideal client, like the peahen, is picky. It doesn’t matter how long the peacock fans and rattles his feathers, if he doesn’t catch her attention, she moves on. Something else will.

The peacock wants to find his mate; you want to find your ideal client. You need to survive, so it’s time to flaunt.

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Brand photography is huge right now, everyone seems to be having bespoke, professional photoshoots and sharing the tremendous results on social media.


And there’s a reason: it works.

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The thing to remember is that peacocks strut their stuff for a reason: they want to populate, they want their species to survive; begging for attention is completely sincere. They are authentic in their quest to attract attention and so should you be. There is no point in flaunting yourself as something you’re not.

Your mission is to attract your ideal clients, not someone else’s. By unveiling yourself as you really are, your business will flourish. You will endorse your survival. 

What better way to flaunt yourself than through bespoke photographs? 

You have 100% control over making a positive and lasting impression.

Brilliant photographs demonstrate your skills and knowledge; they show what sets you apart; they display the things which go beyond what you do with your clients. Amazing visual images tell your story and that story showcases your brand values and everything your brand stands for. 


Brand photography exposes the real you, presenting you as someone honest and transparent.

This helps your ideal client feel like they know you. When they feel like they know you and trust you, they’ll advocate for you, support you to prosper in your business. People buy from real people. Great images are the first step in building the trust which leads to a meaningful and profitable relationship between you and your ideal client. 

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Winning their trust is a game changer.

It means they will notice you in a crowded marketplace; but only if your brand is consistent, your message clear. When they learn to trust you, it has to be blindingly obvious the content you’re posting to attract them is yours. Hiring a brand photographer will help you to create a consistent brand image by giving you a bank of on-brand photographs for use across your business - both on and offline. 

Clarity increases revenue.

Working with a professional brand photographer helps you to understand exactly what your brand message is - being forced to talk about it and to visualise it is a fantastic exercise in clarity. When you feel clearer about your brand, it’s much easier to relay this to your ideal client, in person and when devising your content. Inconsistent branding causes confusion, consumers are unable to recognise messaging and brand values, so they don’t commit and therefore, fail to convert. Consistent branding makes you recognisable, builds trust and in turn, exhibits loyalty.

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Investment pays off.

Don’t forget, people are often distracted when online and even your ideal client will probably skim through your website, your social media feeds - all that carefully crafted, laboured over content. The one way you can guarantee to attract their attention is by having eye-catching, authentic and high-quality images. Entice your ideal client to want to find out more by making it easy for them. Investing in professional photographs shows that you take your business seriously and by doing so your ideal client will view you as a credible and trustworthy professional, somebody they too should invest in.



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You're not ready to commit? You don't want to flaunt yourself because...

You dislike how you look right now.

How many of us are ever truly happy with how we look? The thing is we look how we look. Are you running your business now? Are you interacting with clients? If you are, they’re seeing at least one side of you - even if it’s just your personality. Your clients are already forming ideas about you, so help them out by showing who you really are. A brand photography experience will capture the best you. It’s not just a photoshoot where you’re a model or simply the face: like the peacock, desperate for a family to ensure his survival, you’re the main event, the part of your business people need to see to enable you to grow to success.

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You don't feel confident.

When you value honesty above everything it seems strange to advise people - that sometimes - you have to fake it. Being successful in business depends pretty solely on having the belief in yourself to convince others that your service is the one they should choose. Imposter syndrome is a thing. Doubting yourself is a thing. Being self-critical, guess what, it’s real. We’re all human. There are flaws in our characters and personalities and even though we’re different, we share a similar set of emotions, all which collude to dampen our confidence and make us feel that we can’t possibly succeed. But your ideal clients don’t need to see that side of you - they don’t want to. If you show that you’re not confident, why should they place their trust and invest their money in you? Investing in brand photography shows your clients that you are confident, that your business is doing well… it shows them that you are flourishing.

You don't know how to pose.

Why would you? Unless you are or have been a model… One of the jobs of a professional photographer is to guide you - when you need it. Working in a relaxed way does omit the need for too much direction (we’re not looking for perfection but the way that best captures you and your brand) and if the pose, angle, lighting, background… doesn’t work for you, it will be changed to something that does. A brand experience is all about you and your brand and capturing the message that you want to convey to your ideal client - help to do this is an essential part of the experience!

You don't have time.

There’s never enough time - ever! The key thing is making the most of the time you do have. Do have a marketing strategy? Do you (try) to post daily on social media? Do you have a lead magnet? Do you send out frequent emails to subscribers? All of these require a portfolio of high quality and consistent visual content. How often do you find yourself scrabbling around to find the perfect images? How much time do you waste doing this? And how often do you scroll through your feeds irritated that the content isn’t as consistent as you wanted, doesn’t convey your true message? Yes, a brand experience will take a few hours of your time but those few hours will give you a bank of personalised content that makes your future marketing an absolute dream. And saves you the time you need to do the things you love. 

It’s your time to fan your feathers, flaunt who you really are and allow yourself to flourish.  

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