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Impactful brand and commercial photography for entrepreneurs and businesses, made simple and enjoyable.


"I needed some professional photos for a new website, social media and for general headshots for press and speaking events - selfies weren't really cutting it anymore! I spoke to Victoria who took a lot of time to understand what I was trying to achieve with these photos and what my brand values were. She suggested loads of fab locations, set everything up and off we went for a whole day. It was great fun and Victoria really put me at ease. I have so many great photos to use for different occasions now. If you own a company you really need a set of professional photos and I can't recommend Victoria enough!" Jenny

Why Brand Photography or Commercial Photography?

Brand and commercial photography must serve your business and enable you to:


  • Strengthen your brand identity with cohesive and consistent photography.

  • Convey your professionalism, competence and credibility.

  • Highlight activities, celebrate success and heighten morale.

  • Update your existing website and print marketing with photography that is aligned to your brand as it is currently and the people who work alongside you.

  • Build a bank of high-quality visual content for social media, advertisement, editorial and PR use.

  • Promote and market your products and services with compelling and engaging visual content. 

"I have to say these are the best photos I believe anyone has ever taken of me. Thank you again!" Kyle

After a professional brand or commercial photography shoot you will be able to use your photography to:


  • Unveil the identity and essence of your business.

  • Showcase your culture and operations.

  • Enhance your digital presence and marketing materials.

  • Appeal to the audience you aim to attract.

  • Build customer and client trust and loyalty.

  • Differentiate you and your brand.

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"Hi Victoria, oh that was difficult this morning, narrowing the photos down!! Hopefully that gives me a selection of all the locations we did. Did gravitate to the outdoor images more! Many thanks, there were so many good ones Victoria....fab job! xx"  Samantha

Investing in professional photography isn't just an expense; it's an investment which works:


Over 70% of consumers now avoid advertising but if they trust you, 76% will pay attention to you


of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like


66% of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand


Companies estimate increased revenue of over 33% when branding is consistent


77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do


79% of people say that user generated content highly impacts their purchasing 


Professional photography enables entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to showcase what they do through bespoke, photoshoots which are subsequently shared on websites, through print media, in the press and on social media.

Flaunt and Flourish provide photography services to entrepreneurs and businesses in the UK who require:

  • Brand Photography 

  • Commercial Photography 

  • Social Media Photography 

  • Headshot Photography

  • Staff and Group Photography

  • Meetings and Conference Photography 

  • Event Photography

I'm based in Girvan, South Ayrshire where I have a headshots studio. I typically do location photoshoots and cover all of South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and West Central Scotland with no additional travel costs - including Glasgow. I also cover the rest of Scotland and the UK.

My studio is approximately 75 minutes from Glasgow City Centre, 45 minutes from Kilmarnock and 35 minutes from Ayr. 

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“Victoria was great at giving tips and directions to help me make the poses and expressions I wanted. I knew WHAT I wanted to do, but didn’t always know HOW to do it! We had a lot of fun trying different things out and seeing what worked for me.” Sarah

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Hello! I’m Victoria.


I tell stories through photography.


Back in 2001, I started a degree in English Language and Literature. Fresh-faced and enthusiastic, I lost myself in words, stories and worlds and when I graduated in 2005, I stumbled straight into the ether of English teaching and bestowed words, stories and worlds onto hundreds of teenagers. 


By 2018, stories were no longer enough and I found myself enthralled in photography. People fascinated me and before long I had a company specialising in wedding photography and headshots. In 2020, I was forced to return to teaching. By this point I was in my second year of a Fine Art Photography degree that I didn’t want to give up. So, I didn’t. I struggled through Covid, teaching and my degree. 


Flaunt and Flourish was created and shaped to help entrepreneurs and companies tell their true stories. It’s my dream for everyone to be unveiled to the world as they are, not as they feel they should be.


And that’s how I got here. 


My teaching career is now firmly behind me. I have a second degree. I have an eye for telling the stories that are easily missed but mean everything and the photography skills to bring you to life. 


Your audience seeks access to your world and looks for ways to experience who you are and how you can serve them. With the right professional photography, you have the opportunity to attend to their needs and embrace their desire to experience.

The success of brand and commercial photography depends on your photographer knowing and understanding your brand and its nuances.  Every photoshoot is unique and therefore fully tailored to you and your business. 


The approach I use to ensure that your photography meets your objectives is:


15-minute Consultation

This is your opportunity to give me a summary of the purpose for arranging photography and your overall intention or target.


I’ll request links for your digital marketing materials and spend time researching the current visual imagery of the brand.

30-minute Planning Session

Using your objectives for booking a photoshoot and the information gleaned during research, we’ll generate a flexible plan of action and set a date. 

Photography Session

I will arrive with everything I need to carry out the plan discussed in our planning session and capture the images which meet your requirements.


Edited photographs will be completed within 2 weeks of the photoshoot and available for digital download.

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"I hate getting my picture taken but I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt so quickly working with Victoria. I actually enjoyed it. They have also transformed the impact of my social posts and website with so much positive feedback from clients!  I've even booked her now for regular shoots over the coming year." Paul

  • I don't have a tripod, can I still book a Virtual Photoshoot?
    You can! You don’t need a tripod. A filled tinned can is perfect, so if you have any canned goods in your cupboards, pick your favourite and grab yourself an elastic band, hair bobble or stretchy hair and and we’ll make it work. Gather a pile of books or magazines too - or a large box or two. We’ll run through this on our Nail the Technology call to ensure you’re all set up way before the shoot.
  • Why do I need an internet or data connection?
    The photographs are taken via the app and because it’s the way we “virtually” connect, we need a data connection to maintain that connection. If your connection is quite weak or poor, it can cause the images to pixelate and while that is fixable with editing, it can affect the image quality. If you’re worried you don’t have a strong enough data connection, arrange a call here and we’ll run a quick test for you. When you arrange a technology check call the cost will be deducted when you book or refunded if you’re unable to go ahead with the shoot.
  • Got a different question?
    Get in touch here.
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