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Headshots, Business Lifestyle Photography or Brand or Personal Brand Photography?

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Since you’re here there’s a good chance you’ve come across these terms: headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, business portraits, business lifestyle photography, brand photography, personal brand photography, personal branding photography. So, what are they and which do you need for your business?


When photographers refer to headshots, they often mean a head and shoulders shot showing someone in their absolute best light. Traditionally, a headshot was reserved for actors who needed a headshot to attach to their CV and actor profile and there was practically a formula to follow to ensure their photograph met industry standard. This is no longer the case and actors headshots are not the only ones you see.

With so much of our lives online, headshots are now required by many for webpages and social media - often the first interaction people have with us and our businesses. Industry standard varies, from a very close up, face and neck to a long, full length body; anything goes with modern headshots.

What we mean now when we say “headshot” is simply, a photograph of the face that goes with the name, regardless of whether or not you’re in the performance industry.

Business and Corporate Headshots or Portraits

Business headshot, corporate headshot, professional headshot, male business portrait

Not surprisingly, these are the same things as headshots – really. If there’s a difference it is to do with styling: a business headshot is likely to feature someone smartly dressed, while a “headshot” is more open to casual (as opposed to) work wear.

In both, the photographer should be setting out to present you as you want to come across to people, whether that be potential clients, employers, friends…

Business Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is what it says on the tin: it captures people behaving as they actually do and portrays them in their everyday lives. Many stock photographs are lifestyle images and show people in various life situations – at home, at work, on holiday, in the middle of a life event, with families… A few years ago, if you wanted business images for your website which gave a sense of what your company was like to work with or for, or to use in articles, for brochures etc. you’d have been looking for lifestyle images to give everyone a snapshot into your business.

Lifestyle images still have a place today and are often used as social media posts to draw attention to what you do. They’re also great for websites to give context to your content. What they don’t do is tell a cohesive story and showcase your brand and brand values. Nevertheless, if you decide a branding shoot is best for you, expect to have these types of images built into the planning – they do represent part of your business and therefore contribute to your brand story.

Brand Photography, Branding Photography and Personal Brand or Personal Branding Photography

In a nutshell: brand photography uses images to tell the story of your business.

Since you are what makes your business unique, a gallery of professional images will communicate your brand story to your ideal supporter or client, ensuring they recognise you as the lead in your field.

It’s crucial that you know who your ideal supporter or client is and tailor all your photography to them; therefore, it’s important to discuss your business to the nth degree so you are very clear in what you want to convey. This enables us to plan a photo session which visually represents your brand values and messages to increase your presence to these people. Part of our planning includes photoshoot locations, the best poses and outfits, as well as detail about colours and props.

In turn, your photographs will grow your credibility as your target group come to recognise your brand style, connect with your message and think of you as a leader in your field. Personal branding photography gives you what you need to successfully market yourself online and by asserting yourself in this way, you have the power to expand which will enable you to reach your ultimate goals and dreams.

Brand photography should showcase you, your brand and values; allow people to experience what what it feels like to work with you; and give you a gallery of images to use to increase your brand presence both online and off.

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A discovery call allows us to chat about your brand, values and messages, pinpoint where you are, what it's likely you'll need and then settle on a course of action that corresponds with where you are and where you're heading. At the end of our call, you'll feel empowered, ready to unveil yourself to your idea client and with a much clearer idea of exactly how to do that.


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