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Brand Identity Checkup:
Defining, Refining, and Reinventing your Visual Brand

This free webinar explores:


  • What Visual Brand Identity is and why it's needed in business to make an impact 

  • The visual elements that make up your brand

  • What you need to know to define your brand's purpose and mission

  • Ways to consider your brand personality

  • The necessity of having clear future goals for your brand


Develop your understanding of how to define and assess your brand's visual identity, presentation, emotional appeal and relevance in the market.


This webinar has been created for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners looking to evaluate and with the intention to rebrand.


It will however appeal to a diverse audience including those who are starting out or looking to gain further knowledge about business branding. 


Hello! I’m Victoria.


I believe that a business photoshoot should show the best of you - all the quirks and traits that make you and your brand who you are, makes you unique. Authenticity is central to the images I produce. But equally important is that your photographs tie in with your bigger brand purpose.


When I'm planning with clients, my aim is to find out as much as I can about who they are as people and where they merge with their business. I use this information to craft beautiful and creative images that properly tell the story of them and their brand.

I created this webinar to create a space where businesses can re-explore the basic questions required when considering visual branding 

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