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What is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography is when you bring 

together all the components of your business and showcase who you are and how you work.

If you're posting regularly on social media or trying to fit in the recommend 90 minutes of marketing a day, I bet you already have photographs; but, are they ones which showcase you and what you do, do you have professional headshots of you and your team (if you have one?), do they show your lifestyle, your hobbies, your dreams?

What’s missing is the story of your everyday life, of your everyday processes.

From very early in the morning until very late at night, you and your team are rushed off your feet, working constantly to serve your clients and make sure what you're delivering is perfect. But how much of this hard work is seen by anyone? A business day is busy and you should be flaunting the effort you put in, showing everyone how much work you and your team are prepared to put in to ensure that what you deliver is of the highest quality.

Flaunt and Flourish Brand Photography-143.jpg

A premium brand photography experience with a brilliant brand photographer will enable you to showcase all you do before, after and during your journey with your client, giving potential customers an insight to who you are and how you work. 

Start building a relationship with your potential clients before they’ve even stepped through the door and then woo them with your imagery.

Can you imagine sitting down with a client, eager and excited to find out more about you and presenting them with a visual of story how you’ll deliver for them? Can you imagine a whole marketing strategy based around the full  service that you offer, not just the end point that people see? 

I met up with Rebecca Holmes, a wonderful photographer of people to discuss the finer points of brand photography.


Watch it here.

Stand out from other businesses: you provide your clients with an exceptional service, hire a brand photographer to showcase it.