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Brand Photographer, Glasgow, Scotland

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What's so good about brand photography?

"I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with for my very first brand photoshoot.


Victoria was so approachable, she listened to all my ideas and shared her knowledge and ultimately her creativity to put me at ease and to help me visually shape the story I was trying to tell.


She organised the venues on my behalf and stayed in touch with me regularly before, during and after the photoshoot itself.


I also had my finished images back really quickly which was great because I loved them so much I couldn’t wait to start using them.


Thank you so much!!"

Gail, Gail Lively Coaching

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You have 100% control over making a positive and lasting impression.

You need more than just headshots.


Brilliant photographs and portraits (even corporate ones) demonstrate your skills and knowledge; they show what sets you apart; they display the things which go beyond what you do with your clients. Amazing visual images tell your story and that story showcases your brand values and everything your brand stands for. For this reason they have to be natural, relaxed and show you at ease.


Hire an experienced headshot photographer and brand specialist in Glasgow to make sure your photographs serve you as they should.


Brand photography exposes the real you, presenting you as someone honest and transparent.

This helps your ideal client feel like they know you. When they feel like they know you and trust you, they’ll advocate for you, support you to prosper in your business. People buy from real people. Great images are the first step in building the trust which leads to a meaningful and profitable relationship between you and your ideal client, so you have to  make them feel at ease.

Your branding photographer has to understand that - unlike with actors headshots - there's more to your shoot than a 10 minutes conveyer belt style session can achieve. You deserve so much more and with Flaunt and Flourish: Brand Photography, the services on offer are exceptional and you'll get way more than just gorgeous headshots, you'll get hours with me, tapping into my expertise and skills.

Winning their trust is a game changer.

It means they will notice you in a crowded marketplace; but only if your brand is consistent, your message clear. When they learn to trust you, it has to be blindingly obvious the content you’re posting to attract them is yours.


Hiring a brand photographer will help you to create a consistent brand image by giving you a bank of on-brand photographs and a photography portfolio, with a variety of headshots and portraits, detail shots and flatlay photos for use across your business - both on and offline. 

It’s your time to fan your feathers, flaunt who you really are and allow yourself to flourish.