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Virtual Brand Photoshoot

Get an awesome suite of images YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE without leaving your house.

Suitable for Android and Apple devices. Simply download the relevant app, register and you're ready to go virtual!

A virtual brand photoshoot is like having a magic wand.


It’s ideal if - like me - you hate having your photograph taken, would rather avoid people and are way happier in your comfortable house. 


That’s what we do: we take photographs of you wherever you are. I don’t even come to you - I use my phone and a really clever app; you use your phone. It doesn't matter which device you have - Apple or Android because I have both and the app is compatible anyway 

Entrepreneurs know they need to be visible, know they need to show up on social media, know their clients and customers want to see them, know their face should be somewhere - if not in lots of places. 


But entrepreneurs also avoid having photographs taken of themselves, especially professional ones where they have to relinquish control, are dictated to, forced into positions which feel weird and uncomfortable and ridiculous. Quite often, even when they go to the trouble, they hate the photographs anyway and, well, deliberately lose that folder of images into a black hole of files, never again to be seen.


Make having a photoshoot easier on yourself. Make it a virtual (or remote) one.


Save yourself the hassle of having to physically interact with someone. I take your photos from my home or studio in Girvan, Scotland and all of our communication is done via Zoom or a dedicated Virtual Photoshoot App. Unless we decide later we want to, we never have to ever meet.


Stay where you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter where you are - all you need is decent light and the better your phone camera is, the less light we can get away with. We’ll plan the photoshoot around what you want, around what suits you and your lifestyle - and we make that work for your business, your strategy, your social media plan.


Being visible doesn’t have to be taxing. It can actually be… sort of… fun. If we create the right conditions and you have the right person photographing you.


Hello! I’m Victoria.


I became a photographer so I didn’t have to be in photographs. I avoided having my photograph taken - until I decided to specialise in Brand Photography. By avoiding it, I felt like a hypocrite - I was a hypocrite. When I finally took those first few steps and had a photoshoot, something changed in me. I didn’t hate looking at myself quite so much and it actually resparked my love of clothing and outfit creation. 


Don’t get me wrong. I still hate having my photograph taken. I still look terribly uncomfortable. I still resort to a ridiculous over-sized grimace, instead of a smile. But, I’ve kind of, sort of had to make peace with it and now I will stand on the beach - yes, with people actually around me, who can see me - taking selfies. That one still baffles me - a few years ago, I would never have taken a selfie if someone else could witness it!

What on Earth is a Virtual Shoot? 

Ok, so, it’s not anything to do with AI and the word “virtual” is probably not really accurate!


Virtual Brand Shoots gained popularity during the pandemic of 2020 and steadily gained recognition because they enabled photographers to work and brand clients to continue to publish professional images of themselves online.


The process is relatively simple - the only crux is that they do depend on technology, so you will need to download an app and push a few buttons to get set up - where I direct you remotely through the app, you position your phone, get into position (you don’t have to strike awkward poses) and I control the camera exactly as I would if we were together. 

Step 1:

Nail the Technology - 30 Minute Video Call

We’ll have a virtual (yes, through a video call) walk through of the app you need where I’ll support you to download and get it set up. Once we've done that, you can show me around the space you plan to use for the shoot and we’ll do a quick trial session to let you see exactly how it works.


Step 2:

Nail the Purpose - 30 Minute Video Call

This is a strategy and planning session because all brand photography is about more than pretty photographs of yourself: it’s about ensuring you have photographs of yourself which will appeal to your audience, attract new clients and support the content you’re planning to create or the services and products you’d like to promote. 


Step 3:

Nail the Photoshoot - 40 Minute Virtual Session

Using the information from our Nail the Purpose session, during the shoot, I'll guide and direct you as if I was in the room with you. The only thing you'll have to do is move your device around and be yourself.


Step 4:

Nail your Marketing - 40 Minute Virtual Session


After your shoot, we’ll arrange our follow up session where you’ll get to see your edited photographs (and totally fall in love with them.) There are no limit to the number you get - I’ll edit everything that works for your marketing goals and which show you looking awesome (expect at least 20)


We’ll then spend time working out which photographs are best for your particular marketing goals and I’ll help you to arrange your photographs into neat categories for you to select and use alongside your written content. 

  • Tech setup and planning, photoshoot and implementation sessions to boo...

    347 British pounds
  • Tech setup and planning, photoshoot and implementation sessions to boo...

    397 British pounds
  • I don't have a tripod, can I still book a Virtual Photoshoot?
    You can! You don’t need a tripod. A filled tinned can is perfect, so if you have any canned goods in your cupboards, pick your favourite and grab yourself an elastic band, hair bobble or stretchy hair and and we’ll make it work. Gather a pile of books or magazines too - or a large box or two. We’ll run through this on our Nail the Technology call to ensure you’re all set up way before the shoot.
  • Why do I need an internet or data connection?
    The photographs are taken via the app and because it’s the way we “virtually” connect, we need a data connection to maintain that connection. If your connection is quite weak or poor, it can cause the images to pixelate and while that is fixable with editing, it can affect the image quality. If you’re worried you don’t have a strong enough data connection, arrange a call here and we’ll run a quick test for you. When you arrange a technology check call the cost will be deducted when you book or refunded if you’re unable to go ahead with the shoot.
  • Got a different question?
    Get in touch here.
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