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Capture the Magic of Christmas with Our Exclusive Santa Photography Experience


Welcome to a world of enchantment and wonder, where the spirit of Christmas comes to life.

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The Real Santa Claus and Flaunt and Flourish have partnered to offer an exclusive Santa photography service like no other, designed to create cherished memories and unforgettable moments for you and your family.

Why Choose Our Santa Photography Experience?

Magical Moments

Step into a realm of magic where dreams come true. Our immersive Santa experience is crafted to create enchanting moments that will be captured in photographs to be treasured forever.

Meet and Talk to Santa

Meet the real Santa Claus, who takes the time to connect with each child, making them feel special and cherished. All activities and interactions will be documented to create your Christmas Storybook Album keepsake.

a Visual Narrative

Freeze in time the cherished memories of this magical experience. These photos serve as a windows to the wonder of Christmas, evoking the warmth, joy, and togetherness of the season and a truly special memory. 

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An Enchanted Christmas Experience Awaits

Our photography experience is like no other.


Imagine a Santa's Grotto. Now picture a place where it is just you and your family immersed in Santa's world.


When you enter, you'll be welcomed by Mrs Claus and introduced to Victorielf, your photographer. After being treated to Christmas treats and a magical hot chocolate, you'll be taken to Santa's parlour where for 45 minutes, you and your family will participate in a magical array of Christmas related activities. During this time candid photographs will be taken to capture this beautiful experience.

Your visit to Santa creates a lasting memory which brings the magic of Christmas to life.

Ring the Bell

The magic begins the moment Mrs Claus rings the bell to announce your arrival.

Eat Christmas Treats 

Indulge in delectable Christmas snacks during your session.

Drink Santa's Signature Hot Chocolate

Sip into the magic of your experience with an extra special hot chocolate.

Learn how Santa gets around the world

Peer into Santa's globe and discover the fascinating secrets of his incredible Christmas journey.

Hang A Christmas Decoration on Santa's Tree

Build anticipation and make your experience more magical by placing a Christmas decoration on Santa's tree.

Spend a moment pretending to be Santa

Feel the thrill of being in Santa's shoes (or should we say, chair)!

Have fun with a snowball fight

Engage in an unforgettable snowball fight filled with laughter and joy.

Check the nice list

Revel in the excitement of finding your name on Santa's Nice List. It's a magical and touching experience that reinforces the joy and wonder of the holiday season.

Choose a gift from Santa's sack

To make your experience extra special, select a surprise gift from Santa's sack to take home.

Read with Santa

Share your favourite book with Santa and enjoy bringing the magic to life.

Christmas Storybook Album

Step away from your magical experience with a personalised Christmas storybook album which tells the story in words and photographs of your time spent with Santa. It’s a gift to treasure forever., presented in a wooden box with USB

Meet our magical team

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Santa Claus

Meet our professional, authentic Santa Claus, who brings the spirit of Christmas to life with warmth, authenticity, and genuine delight in making every child's Christmas dreams come true.

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Mrs Claus

Welcoming you at the door with open arms, Mrs. Claus sets the tone for a friendly, festive, and welcoming experience. The perfect host, she'll look after you and make sure your time with Santa is wonderful.


VictoriElf (Your Photographer)

Our skilled elf, who also happens to be a professional photographer, captures every magical moment discreetly and professionally, ensuring that your child's joy is perfectly and naturally documented.

"Victoria made us feel completely at ease from the offset. My six year old had been a little nervous but she thoroughly enjoyed the session as she relaxed. Victoria has a habit of making you feel like she’s not even there! The photographs are completely natural and captured the real essence of Christmas. Santa was wonderful and so authentic. He was the realest Father Christmas I have ever come across. So wonderfully warm, funny and engaging. Was a joy to watch my child interacting with him. The photographs of my daughter’s numerous expressions will serve as a precious reminder of those magical years where she believed!"

Book your Exclusive Santa Photography Experience

Are you ready to embark on this magical journey with us?


Booking your Santa experience is easy. Simply click "Check Availability" to choose your best time now. We offer very limited slots to maintain the exclusivity of our service.


The Real Santa Claus and Flaunt and Flourish believe in the power of creating emotional connections and lasting memories. Invest in the magic of Christmas with your family this year and explore the wonder of Christmas with our exclusive Santa photography experience.

  • I don't have a tripod, can I still book a Virtual Photoshoot?
    You can! You don’t need a tripod. A filled tinned can is perfect, so if you have any canned goods in your cupboards, pick your favourite and grab yourself an elastic band, hair bobble or stretchy hair and and we’ll make it work. Gather a pile of books or magazines too - or a large box or two. We’ll run through this on our Nail the Technology call to ensure you’re all set up way before the shoot.
  • Why do I need an internet or data connection?
    The photographs are taken via the app and because it’s the way we “virtually” connect, we need a data connection to maintain that connection. If your connection is quite weak or poor, it can cause the images to pixelate and while that is fixable with editing, it can affect the image quality. If you’re worried you don’t have a strong enough data connection, arrange a call here and we’ll run a quick test for you. When you arrange a technology check call the cost will be deducted when you book or refunded if you’re unable to go ahead with the shoot.
  • Got a different question?
    Get in touch here.
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