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Requiem for a Daydream

If you want to follow me on my journey - that’s the uncensored, absolute truth of what it’s like to leave behind a cushy life in Cumbernauld’s Suburbs and start again on your own - read what you can expect to see in the future and sign up here!

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How to use Professional Photographs: The "Who I am" Photo

How do I use my photographs? How do I match what I want to say to the images I want to use? I have all these great professional photographs, what do I do with them?


If these are questions you’ve ever asked yourself, continue reading! 

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Brand Photography:The Secret to Small Business Success 

No matter what business you're in, whether you're providing a service, or selling a product, there is one huge, terribly kept secret and the sooner you figure it out, the sooner you can start making the money you want to give you the freedom you crave. ​

The secret is: figure out who your ideal client is.


How to Stop Procrastinating

How often do you find yourself reverting to the tasks you know you can do?


You argue that you have to do all of these things but when are you actually doing them? It's most likely while you’re working on a task you don’t really want to do, isn’t it?


Top tips for creative portrait photography

With so much visual content competing for your attention, it’s crucial that you can spot the difference between creative portrait photography and just good, professional business photographs.

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Autumn Photography for your Business

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your business photographs – you know why? Because autumn symbolises a new beginning and a fresh start. Technically, it’s the beginning of the end. This makes it the perfect time to take a deep breath and rid yourself of everything you don’t need and that’s been holding you back. It’s time to gain a new perspective on things.


3 things that’ll guarantee you get the professional photographs you want - and still connect with your audience

When you opt for a brand photography experience, you can get the professional photographs you want - and still connect with your audience.

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