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How to Stop Procrastinating

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Continue to push through your procrastination - every-time it comes up - or you can join me for 7 days and learn the process to overcome it.

The 7 Day Challenge starts on Monday 19th June and is for everyone who owns How to Stop Procrastinating. Find out more here.

How to Stop Procrastinating is a self-led, short course for business owners who frequently find themselves procrastinating instead of doing what they know needs to be done.

In just 7 simple steps, you can reconnect you with your business and re-spark the passion which fuels you to strive for the success you deserve.

Procrastination is something often mistaken for laziness, which can result in frustration and into a downward spiral where the only outcome is to fall out of love with your business.  


When you sit down to do one of the thousand tasks you’ve been ignoring forever, what happens to you?


  • Do you find something easier to do?

  • Do you find yourself in the kitchen, taking a break, clearing your head with a walk?

  • Decide it’s a great idea to write some social media posts - you need to be out there, visible, so everyone knows you’re there?

  • Remember that you need to network, so head out to meet a potential connection for coffee - which turns out to be really lovely but does nothing to actually move your business forwards?


Yup, that’s procrastination.

The worst thing about procrastinating is that the tasks you procrastinate over become a never ending cycle. 


You know you have to do a task. You don’t want to do that task so avoid it. But then you have to force yourself to do it anyway. 


The thing is, for most tasks of this nature, they’re not one offs - they’re the things we have to repeatedly do to keep our businesses running. 


So, when we finally get through the activity, we don’t do a happy dance, reassured it’s over for good or ride the adrenaline rush of completion. No, there’s a niggle that at some point, the whole process is going to recur. 


You don’t want to be stuck in that cycle forever.


Instead, step off the wheel of procrastination. Join How to Stop Procrastinating because you will work out why the activities you avoid are so unappealing to you.You will learn what causes all that resistance and then it will be easy for you to complete that task, everytime. Everytime you feel that urge to procrastinate you’ll have a process to fall back on that will help keep your momentum and focus. For the rest of your life, you’ll know exactly how to push through your procrastination.


Hello! I’m Victoria.


I am a nightmare for procrastinating. The main cause for me is that I have too many ideas. I get so consumed when I’m in the creative stages of an idea, that I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else. But then. I become bored of that idea - the boredom usually coincides with another, more exciting idea - and I find it really tricky to reignite the passion I had to finish it. Now I know this though, I’ve addressed it. If I find myself starting to get bored, I set myself deadlines - I have 2 hours to finish X or I have until Friday to do Y. If I have new ideas I’ll either write them down and park them, or reward myself - if I complete A. B, C of Task 1, I can spend X hours on Task 2. 

Working out what causes your procrastination isn’t as simple as a tick box exercise or quiz, it requires you spend time looking a little deeper within yourself, being truly honest with why you take certain actions and addressing what the impact really is.

What you can expect from the course:

Seven easy steps to follow which get to the heart of why you procrastinate.

Your journey will start by looking at what makes you procrastinate and move through various activities to find out why they have this effect and what you need to do to overcome them. It’s a process you can return to again and again - if you need to.


At the beginning of the course you’ll find a simple workbook and Google Sheet which you can complete together or independently (or not at all - I prefer a good

old-fashioned pen and paper when I’m doing things like this!)


In the workbook are some prompt questions to help you get started with each section. There’s also a guide on how to complete the Google Sheet with a few examples - my own and that of an amazing Self-Belief coach I’m friends with.

Procrastination is when we put off a task because we simply can’t start it.


There are loads of reasons why we procrastinate. Some are connected to tasks we simply don’t like, some connected to lack of confidence or knowledge, some we perceive to be a lack of time or 

resources. All of these things trigger responses we don’t like and therefore, we find activities to do - business related or otherwise - which emotionally stimulate us in the ways we do like. It all comes down to dopamine and our brain’s reward system (yes, that again!)


The best way to overcome procrastination is to figure out which activities trigger particular emotional responses and use this information to identify the best course of action for you -  it might be that you simply need a stern word with yourself, you might need to take the plunge and hire an expert or make a promise to yourself that you will spend X hours to equip yourself with the knowledge to move forwards.


That’s exactly what this course does. It takes you through 7 simple steps which help you to uncover and address the reasons why you procrastinate.


Finally understanding why you avoid certain tasks can help to reconnect you with your business and re-spark the love that you once had or reignite the passion that once fuelled you to strive for the success you deserve.

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