Brand Photography Glasgow 


Curate. Glasgow is one!

To celebrate Curate. Glasgow's first birthday, Flaunt and Flourish: Brand Photography and Curate. Glasgow are teaming up to offer an awesome competition!

You can win a brand shoot experience which will show off you and your business, making sure that your messaging and visuals are in sync with your ideal client, consistent and stunning!

The aim of brand photography is to bring your vision of reality to life. Let's make some creative photographs to show the world who you are, what you do in and for your business and to share your business values.

In preparation for the competition, Kate, had a brand shoot at her home in Glasgow's Southside.

Our unseasonable warm and bright September weather was perfect for our indoor shoot, showing just how Kate integrates with her home - an office come lounge, is the space she spends almost all of her time (when she's not travelling "home" or on mini adventures!

Kate has a love of home decor - not surprising when you look at the list of artisans listed on Curate Glasgow's website - and walking into her home you're met with a welcoming array of knick knacks and trinkets, vintage furniture and foliage. The second I walked in I knew our shoot was going to be exactly what I love: laid back, fun and creative!


Hi. I'm Victoria.

I change my hair constantly and despite only having my own brand shoot and headshots done in May, already I need new ones to show my current styling! The picture above is me but this was taken in May 2020 - it's closer to how my hair is now...  But, I'm actually really excited at the thought of a real brand shoot. It's scheduled for the end of September and will be the first one I've hired a real photographer to do; already I've worked out so many things I can include now it's not a set of self portraits!


I grew up in the 80s and 90s and followed the "indie" route when I was younger and I probably love "Britpop" more now than I did then! The Charlatans are a band I've loved since I was 14 - and while then it was mostly down to the good looks of the lead singer, now it's mostly definitely the music that keeps me interested (in saying that I do think he's still as cute!) I was late to James - I just couldn't fall in love with an overplayed "Sit Down" - but if I'm honest, they're probably the band I listen to the most.


I also have a very independent, very lovely 15-year-old daughter who loves nothing more than to read and knit! Her knitting is beautiful. One day I'll get her to teach me. I hope. And I have the best pooch - she's cute, sweet, nuaghty and spoiled (as all dogs should be!)


When I'm not doing commercial photography, I'm making art. I adore analogue photography and the opportunity it gives to break away from the pace and interactions of life. I find when I'm working with film, I focus on landscape photography and am always drawn to nature and its resistance to human interference and destruction. My latest project is a series of books centred on The Antonine Wall and looking at the capitalist nature of our society. Yes, it's wooly; and no, it's nowhere near finished. I have a feeling it never will be...