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 Top Tips for Creative Portrait Photography 

With so much visual content competing for your attention, it’s crucial that you can spot the difference between creative portrait photography and just good, professional business photographs.


When considering the type of photography you need for your business, think about these four things:

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Appeal to your ideal client

It’s important that your brand story appeals to your ideal client - if you can connect with them, you will grow your business.


The first stage of a signature brand photography experience is to work with your photographer on some of the fundamental aspects of your business - like working out who your ideal client is, your brand’s key messages and values and how your personality melds with your business. Once that’s done, it’s really easy to craft creative portraits that speak of who you are and what you do in your business.


Be yourself: be authentic

People buy from people. It’s starting to sound like as cliché but it’s true.


What this means is that if you can use creative portrait photography to show your true self, you’ll be able encourage your ideal client to know, like and trust you. And guess what? That’ll help you to grow your business.


Being your true self can be tricky in front of the camera - especially if your photographer is constantly asking you to pose in ways you feel uncomfortable. In brand photography, some posing is required but there should be a balance between posed scenarios and candid ones where you’re encouraged to let your personality shine.

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Oooze confidence

Confidence is huge in business.


Your aim with your business photographs is show people that you are a professional. You’re projecting yourself as someone who deserves their business and therefore their investment. If it’s obvious they don’t believe in you, why should they hand over their money?

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For more on confidence, watch this :

Be eye-catching, not boring

If you want to stand out, you have to stand out.


I know. It’s obvious.


Standing out means you have to be braver than you feel. You may need to take your photographs in locations where there are other people. You may need to adopt poses which feel ridiculous or physically uncomfortable.


Having photographs taken is sort of like your favourite pair of heels - you know the ones you absolutely can’t walk in? That hurt you so badly you’re limping within an hour? You do it because you know it makes you feel good before the pain kicks in and afterwards when you’re reminded how awesome you look in them and how good they make you feel.

Flaunt and Flourish Brand Photography-288.jpg

I hope this has helped to inspire your creativity.


Creative portraits are about far more than your photographer getting a “creative” shot. Real creatively comes planning, thinking and talking. It comes from having clarity around what you want and need for your business portraits. And it comes from having the inner strength to go for it, no matter what!

Need some help with the vision you have for creative photography?

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