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Flourish! is a one-to-one consultation to align who you are, your brand and your business to ensure a consistent and clear visual message. This is followed with the formation of a strategic marketing plan to set you on the path to become a roaring success!

We establish exactly what you need to do to attract your ideal clients and turn them into superfans.


What you really want is for your business to flourish.

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Imagine having clarity around what you're marketing and why.

Suddenly, it makes it easier to promote yourself  and attracts the right people to you. When your message is clear to you, it's clear  to your audience.

Imagine having a brand story you can confidently share.

Understanding your brand story and how it feeds into your business values, messaging and branding gives you another tool to use when shouting about how wonderful your products and services are.

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Why Brand Photography?

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Imagine waking up each day knowing you have your strategy mapped out and ready to go.

You've removed the struggles of daily decision making around your content, can rest assured what you release to the world is consistent and your brand is becoming visible and memorable.

I’ve helped dozens of Scottish business owners grow their brands through inspirational and creative photography which sings of them and their story.


When I'm planning with clients, my aim is to find out as much as I can about who you are and where you merge with your business. I use this information to  plan and perfect your 3 month marketing campaign. Combined, this ensures that the values embedded within you and those of your business are clearly projected to your ideal client with clear strategic direction.

I love what I do and I want you to love the experience. It's why I put so much into the beginning of the shoot. A proper brand chat and planning session is a must - from the moment you book, I want you to feel like you're being spoiled and like every minute spent with me is part of  an escape from work - one where you don't have to feel guilt because you are engaging in a task that will absolutely grow your business.

You’re also getting a storyteller. I’m an English Language and Literature graduate who taught English for over 15 years. I’ve been getting myself lost in books and stories - everything from Medieval English Literature to less intense modern fiction and “best sellers” - for as long as I can remember. I love stories, I love language and I absolutely love discussing and sharing the stories of real people - like you.

This is the bit I’m always scared to share. I’m a current student. I decided to embark on a second degree to fulfil one of my longest dreams and attend The Glasgow School of Art.


I’m artistic, creative, I think outside the box and I don't see the world the same way as everyone else does. I see education as a way to learn more, to push my own limits and expand my own capabilities.


I believe that we can always be better at what we do and become more than who we are.

I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland and while I usually work with Scottish business owners, I love to travel and can do virtual photoshoots as well as in person ones. It meanswherever you are in the world, all you need is an interest connection and a mobile phone with a good camera to work with me!

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Rebecca was the type of client I feared the most: a photographer!

She needed some new photographs to use in her marketing but primarily, wanted to introduce a new member of her team, Jen,  to the world. Rebecca hates having her photograph taken and has always struggled to find a photographer who made her feel comfortable. So, before complicating things with an extra person, we went for lunch, finished up with tea and cake and headed to one of her local green spaces. Once we’d spent some time with her, we returned to her studio, while I took photographs of her and Jen discussing real work, before arranging a few semi-staged candids.


“Victoria is one of those photographers who instinctively knows how to put you at ease. She’s kind, supportive, knowledgeable and wonderfully passionate about what she does. She delves into the details of your brand and teases out the best bits to create wonderful, unique imagery. I am hugely grateful for the fabulous bank of images Victoria created to help me to ‘flaunt’ what I do, and ‘flourish’ in my business.”

Sarah came to me while forming her new business, Draw a Line Coaching.

She was looking for photographs which were different to what everyone else had, photos that would align with her brand and the vision she had for her company. We had great fun in a few locations but the best story is the shot she wanted in the middle of a road. We were shooting near her home, so I asked her to scope out quiet roads which had lines. When we headed towards the road, it became clear that although it was wide and you could see quite far in both directions, it was also a national speed limit road. That part of the shoot was abandoned and though we laughed about it for the rest of the day and on our next shoot, we did manage to do it somewhere else. It didn't exactly go to plan - but that’s her story to share and not mine!


“💯 made a difference already. People are also commenting on them to me. My own confidence has increased. I feel confident sharing them as they represent me and my brand exactly. Several people have messaged saying how they love the images & that they seem unique to me & really spot on. One said they love my new vibe! The rainbow image 🌈 is the favorite - people saying it’s a wonderful image! I have attracted way more followers in the last month. I think that’s down to me posting regularly now I have confidence and also doing videos. You have helped me massively 🙏🏻🥰”

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Deborah came to me looking for the photography which would re-energise her and enable her to re-launch her business, Deborah Welsh Commercial Media.

Initially, she was looking simply at headshots but when we started discussing things, we realised we could do more to give her company the boost it needed. 


“Victoria immediately put me at ease and she starts off by showing you the first few images so that you can see instantly how they/you are going to look. The minute I saw the first shot, I settled into my role in front of her camera for the afternoon.


She made a very valid point in that many of us media types are not comfortable in the limelight, despite being surrounded by cameras and having reasonably high profiles. It’s not a given that we are happy to take centre-stage. By the end of the shoot, I felt like a different person and would have happily posed for a lot longer.


I am delighted with the results. If anyone (or their camera) was ever going to capture me in my best light or from the best angle it was Victoria.


The photographs are just brilliant and they have really boosted my confidence. Furthermore, they have given new life to my professional profile pages and my website.


If you are a reluctant model, get over it and book her.


She over-delivered for me and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

What is Flourish?

Flourish! is a 4 hour, one-to-one consultation to align who you are, your brand and your business to ensure a consistent and clear visual message. This is followed with the formation of a strategic marketing plan to set you on the path to become a roaring success!

We establish exactly what you need to do to attract your ideal clients and turn them into superfans.


What’s Included?

Brand Assessment

  • This is for you to determine where your brand is and how much you feel you need to do to reach the success you dream of.

  • Download the free workbook (or Canva link) and email it to me.

Brand Audit

  • 30 minute crawl of your brand presence online (and offline.)

  • This is a video recording I will email you within 48 hours of receiving your completed Brand Assessment Workbook.

​Visual Brand Consultation (90 minutes):

  • Dig more deeply into your brand and clarify your audience, messaging and values.

  • Discuss visual ways to represent your core messages and values.

  • Dig more deeply into your personality, likes/ dislikes, hobbies and values.

  • Discuss visual ways to represent your personal and core traits.

  • Talk about what it is you actually do vs what you want to do and discuss ways to align these closer together.

Visual Marketing Strategy (150 minutes)

  • Discuss what you want to promote for your 12 week campaign

  • Devise a plan of what we’ll need to achieve this:

    • What do your clients need/ want?

    • What problem does your product/ service solve?

    • How can we visually represent that?

    • How can we weave your story into this?

  • Decide on a course of action to implement this:

    • Content Calendar and Timeline

    • List of ideas for content, copy and captions

    • Alignment to your other marketing pillars

  • Detailed action plan, outlining your next steps in manageable, achievable chunks.

Are you ready to try the something new that will work?


Invest now to have it all:

  • A clear and consistent message that attracts your ideal client

  • A strategy, complete with your marketing campaigns and content mapped out 

  • The confidence to believe that you are successful

What happens next?

Watch this video and download your free Brand Assessment workbook.

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When you've finished, watch this video:

Within 48 hours of receiving your completed workbook, I'll send you a 30 minute video with your  brand audit.

There will be a link with your brand audit to book Flourish!

  • Consultation, strategising and planning session to boost your brand.

    595 British pounds

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