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Autumn Photography for your Business

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your business photographs – you know why? Because autumn symbolises a new beginning and a fresh start. Technically, it’s the beginning of the end. This makes it the perfect time to take a deep breath and rid yourself of everything you don’t need and that’s been holding you back. It’s time to gain a new perspective on things.

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“Being outdoors felt quite natural. It was like going on a relaxing walk with my husband, but with a photographer tagging along!”

Get back into work

Look at what is happening around you. School, colleges and universities have just started back and with new courses comes new knowledge and opportunities. You’re replacing your summer clothes with those that are warm and cosy (and probably excitedly digging out your favourite knits and coats!) There are lots of festivities to look forward to – Halloween and Bonfire Night. Coffee shops bring back their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and mother nature graces us with a low, golden sun and the bountiful colours of her world – reds, oranges, golds, yellows and greens. 

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Wave goodbye to task procrastination

The truth is, we’re out of the summer months – the ones where we make time for family, enjoy days out, take proper holidays... Autumn is when we remind ourselves that there’s still work to be done and generally, we get it done. In the business world, autumn is the season of productivity (apparently we’re 20% more productive in autumn than in winter, 11% more than in spring and 7% more than in summer.) In the media, Christmas is already on the agenda with campaigns and articles being sourced, written and finalised. Nature might be shutting down, but we’re only just getting back into the swing of things! In actual fact, you could say it’s not the beginning of the end but rather the season of completion and transition.


What do you still have to complete? Have a look through your to-do lists. Are there any items that have been there too long and are possibly irrelevant? Get rid of them. Are there any which are still important? Let’s start prioritising these.  

Check out this if creating content is your nemesis - without a strategy in place, having autumn photography won't help in the way you want it to...

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“It was a little more intimidating taking pictures indoors in a public place! But Victoria quickly made it more relaxing. We focused on having a nice coffee and a conversation, and the pictures just seemed to happen!”

Allow your business to grow and flourish

Autumn is associated with abundance. Nature gives her fruits and seeds to the world - she doesn’t stop to check if it's ok, to worry about who she’s competing with or who might not want it. It's hers to give, so she does. And when she's done, she rests, without feeling guilty for doing so. Can you imagine what your business would look like if you did the same? How would you feel if you gave what was right for you, rather than comparing your offerings to others?  How unburdened would you be if you rested when your body and mind told you it was time to? The chances are, you’d start to unveil your true self and your business would flourish - your ideal client would flock to you because they’d love you.

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But autumn isn’t all woo woo…

Have you come across colour theory yet? It’s fabulous!  All colours have different meanings and can be symbolic of specific emotions and feelings. The colours we see around us in autumn are all warm and inviting - they’re ones which make us feel comfortable. Red is often associated with courage, passion and considered to be bold, commanding attention. Orange is friendly, linked to vitality, creativity and enthusiasm. Yellow is optimistic , radiating positivity and a sense of happiness. Now, I’m not suggesting you change your brand colours for autumn, instead, have some photographs taken in autumn which will draw your audience to you - invite them to click on your posts, scroll through your feed and feel emotions they normally wouldn’t associate with your brand (unless you already have autumn colours and in that case, you need an autumn shoot to exemplify those values!) 

When aiming for creative business portraits, it’s important to use the elements around and autumn is perfect for playing with textures and patterns. Dry leaves not only sound amazing but are a great way to add texture to your shots - especially when you throw them in the air and play with them! Shots against trees combine texture and pattern with the low light casting starker shadows and emphasising the rough bark of the trunk. Dappled light shines through the leaves still on the trees and can create sumptuous patterns on skin, clothes, objects and the surface around you.    

And let’s not forget being able to link to the season in your content.  Wouldn't it be amazing if your autumn content was linked to the images you’re using and appeal to your ideal client and share your brand messaging and are consistent with your values?

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“I wanted to show myself as someone who likes the outdoors and isn’t afraid to be outside and have fun, and not take myself too seriously. A forest photoshoot really hit that perfectly! We could get pictures of me thinking about my work and my business, but also get pictures of playing with the autumn leaves and laughing with a friend over a cup of coffee. It really sums me up!”

Book your brand shoot. Dates are very limited and autumn shoots are popular. Especially in Glasgow!

If you miss your chance in 2022, you have a whole year (and a bit!) to wait for the next one...

Click the "Book Now" button to have a pressure free chat and see if an autumn photoshoot is really right for you and your business.

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