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Brand Identity Checkup:
Defining, Refining, and Reinventing your Visual Brand

Watch this webinar to develop your understanding of how to define and assess your brand's visual identity, presentation, emotional appeal and relevance in the market.

Has that webinar given you the brand enquiry bug? 

I know when I start asking myself questions or start working with clients. these questions unlock a lot of interesting and exciting ideas. These ideas sometimes need cultivated on my own or with the people closest to me. 

So, I wrote course: Brand Identity Blueprint: Defining Relevance and Direction.

The course is made up of six easy steps to follow which get to the heart of your brand.

Your journey will start by looking at which aspects make up your entire brand. There are a series of questions in each section which help you uncover how much you know and the work you need to do to realign  your brand and ensure its relevance. ​


It’s a process you can return to again and again - whenever you need to.

At the beginning of the course you’ll find a simple workbook which you can complete as you watch the courser or separately afterwards (or not at all - I prefer a good old-fashioned pen and paper when I’m doing things like this!)​


There is also access to me via Voxer where you can ask any questions you have or bounce some ideas about your brand.


Hello! I’m Victoria.


I believe that a business photoshoot should show the best of you - all the quirks and traits that make you and your brand who you are, makes you unique. Authenticity is central to the images I produce. But equally important is that your photographs tie in with your bigger brand purpose.


When I'm planning with clients, my aim is to find out as much as I can about who they are as people and where they merge with their business. I use this information to craft beautiful and creative images that properly tell the story of them and their brand.

I created this course to enable businesses the time and space to take a considered deep dive into their brands.

Working out your brand identity isn’t as simple as a tick box exercise or quiz, it requires you spend time looking a little deeper within yourself, being truly honest with what is important and what is not and addressing what the impact really is.

Until Sunday 31st March, you can get the Brand Identity Blueprint for only £27 (after that it will be £47).

There is a caveat. It isn't quite finished.

The content is all there - 7 nicely recorded videos with all of the information you need to get to started now.

What is missing is the workbook and a transcript for each section. They'll be added to the course by Sunday 31st March and, of course, you'll be able to access them as soon as the course has been updated. 

I think it's a no brainer. A £20 discount because I'm a procrastinator! And I'm too particular about silly things - like design and layout (that was after I wrote the main content, obviously!)

Grab it here before the end of month for £27!

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